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SAP Services for the Automotive Industry in Mexico

Are you looking for a SAP Service provider in Mexico? abat Mexico provides advice and expertise to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and suppliers of the automotive industry in Mexico and Latin America. Services include project planning, concepts, introduction, training, innovation projects and maintenance of SAP solutions. The abat group offers a 24/7 customer service in Spanish, English and German through its SAP service provider in Puebla.

Main concepts in detail

SAP Introduction and Rollout of Templates for Existing or New Plants
Besides the complete introduction of SAP solutions, the abat Mexico team supports the rollout of templates for existing or new plants in Mexico. Therefore it is possible to create standardized processes in production, logistics, sales and general management.

System Localizations - SAP Projects for Compliance with Legal Requirements of the Mexican Tax Authority
abat Mexico is specialized in adapting SAP Modules to comply with the legal requirements of the Mexican tax authority SAT. We have experience in E-accounting (Annex 24), CFDI 3.3 and its complements (Annex 20), Foreign Trade Complement (CCE), First Hand (Direct Imports), and Payment Complement (CRP).

Innovation Projects Applying Design Thinking
The value added of Design Thinking Specialist (Thinkers) at abat Mexico is aimed to support our customers to focus innovation and solutions design, based on real user’s needs.
Innovation results from a user experience approach, the creation of prototypes, and iterations for continuous improvement.

Virtual Reality and SAP
Based on real customer needs and our long SAP expertise, abat Mexico supports customers by allowing a new SAP experience. From operators, trainers, warehouse planners to factory layout engineers, end users are immersed in a completely new environment taking advantage of both, SAP long developed functionalities and the endless possibilities of virtual reality.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
RPA is process automation that uses a "robot" to emulate and integrate the actions of human interaction in digital systems to execute a business process. Robots use the user interface to collect data and perform various Actions with applications in the same way humans do. Automating processes through RPA leads to a reduction in effort, time, and cost.

Application Management Nearshoring
24/7: abat Mexico supports the SAP solutions of its customers worldwide around the clock and guarantees smooth operation. Our experts speak German, English and Spanish.

Logistics Consulting
abat offers supply chain optimization for companies and logistics service providers. These solutions include intralogistics (SAP WM or EWM, SAP ERP) and transportation management (SAP TM). abat also develops work guides and templates as well as customer-specific add-ons. 
Thanks to our strong project and program management, we ensure that budgets and schedules are met without exception. In logistics, abat has recognized expertise for supply chain processes in the automotive industry.

IoT - Industry 5.0 & AWS (Amazon Web Services)
abat offers a team of experts focused on cloud technologies, AWS and IoT to generate innovation projects focused on solving specific customer needs. An example of this is our flexible and adaptable solution for entry/exit control of employees and visitors in accordance with health and safety guidelines of health authorities regarding COVID-19.

Important site for car manufacturers: Puebla

Puebla is an important site for the automotive industry in North America. Volkswagen de México is the biggest employer of this city of 1.5 million residents. In 2016, the new and most modern plant of Audi started production here. Several OEM manufacturing plants are already present in the region or are currently being planned. There are also many suppliers and service providers with subsidiaries in Puebla. Two examples are ThyssenKrupp Automotive or SAS Automotive. Many of abat’s highly qualified specialists are from the city’s technical universities.

Besides Puebla, abat Mexico is where the customers need us, therefore we have also references in Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Monterrey, Tlaxcala, Mexico City, Aguascalientes and Tlalnepantla.



  • Adaptation of Electronic Accounting with SAP to comply with the legal requirements from the Mexican Tax Authority for SAS Automotive Systems Mexico
  • Adaptation of Electronic Accounting with SAP to comply with the legal requirements from the Mexican Tax Authority for ContiTech
  • SAP Warehouse Management - introduction with inventory management, automation and introduction of intelligent devices in the warehouse of a new axle assembly plant for ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems Mexico
  • SAP Application Management Services for Mercedes-Benz-plant Tuscaloosa, USA (Nearshoring)
  • Virtual Reality for Training Purposes – Schnellecke Logistics Alabama LLC, Tuscaloosa, USA

Advantages for our customers: Quick success at the highest level

  • Projects with abat Mexico mean smooth processes, because the SAP specialists are familiar with the expectations of European headquarters and also with the local conditions
  • abat Mexico is tied to the infrastructure of abat group. That guarantees high quality standards

  • Near- and Offshoring with in the abat group allows 24/7 customer service


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