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MES PLUS - Optimization of production processes with abat

Standard solution for production control

PLUS is so far the only standardized complete solution which makes it possible to manage and optimize the processes in automotive sector as well as in other complex variant production in the discrete manufacturing industries. The Manufacturing-Execution-System (MES) consists of 30 different modules that can be used independently, but also in combination. The service-oriented architectures (SOA) enable universal processes and ensure a high degree of standardization. All the modules in the production control area are quite quick and easy to implement and operate as well as to harmonise across different plants and countries. Heterogeneous system landscapes thus become a thing of past. Changes and new demands on the control system – even process adjustments or additional locations – all that the users can conveniently implement right on the screen without a great deal of effort.

The MES System PLUS has been used for many years by Daimler AG and since 2013 also by Qoros. It is based on a HPE NonStop server with .net for the clients and COBOL for the server applications.


Main advantages of the PLUS production control:

Cost reduction and process optimization

Boosting efficiency through process standartization

Lower costs for maintenance and service

Stable processes

Quick implementation of control system and high level of flexibility

High availability (365 days a year – 24 hours a day)

Demand-driven and results-oriented production in real time

Global and multiple production


PLUS acts as the central module in the customer order process by managing and controlling the individual production steps. This high-availability production control solution fulfills all relevant process requirements of the discrete industries and, in particular, in the automotive sector – from bodyshell work to sorting management, painting up to the handover to the sales department. The core functions of PLUS include complete order management, system-, bodywork and material flow control as well as automated quality management. With the help of the IQM (Inline Quality Management), the control system records all the errors occurring during the production, traces the causes for the same and documents these in detail.

Core PLUS functions at a glance:

Order data and process data management

Bodywork and material flow control

Buffer control

Feeding data to production systems

Production monitoring

Supplier control

Quality management

Worker information


abat has more than 20 years of experience in development and implementation as well as in rollout and support of software solutions. Our standardized procedure, which can also be adapted to the needs of the respective customer, has thereby proven successful.
This procedure is divided into the following phases:

a. Quick Assessment:

  • Analysis of the customer’s architecture
  • Portrayal of a future scenario
  • Estimation of the optimization potential


b. Due diligence and fit-gap analysis

  • Strategic environment analysis
  • Description of requirements as regards infrastructure, processes, SLA parameters
  • Which requirements will be fulfilled with standardization and standard product?
  • How large are the standardization potentials?


c. Specification of the developments and development plan

  • Specifications based on the fit-gap analysis
  • Development plan and assessment
  • Alignment with processes and functions

d. Implementation and rollout plan

  • Rollout plan coordination
  • “Rollout case”
  • Suggestion for template


e. Support concept and governance model

  • Development of the service level
  • Level concept with 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support
  • Ticket system
  • Definition of the KPIs (Key Performance Index)


f. Mode of operations

  • Initial situation for operation
  • Transitional phase
  • Future operation situation


g. Continuous improvements


abat has not only SAP SE as a strategic partner, but also the Daimler AG. The automotive manufacturer has been using PLUS worldwide since more than 15 years for production control of all Mercedes Benz passenger cars as well as in some component plants.

      Customer projects in detail:

      • Application Management and PLUS maintenance at the Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and Smart divisions. Over 1.7 million vehicles are produced a year (status: 2014).
      • Concept design, introduction, implementation and application management in the Mercedes Benz engine plant in Beijing.  
      • Blue print and fit-gap analysis, concept design, introduction, implementation and application management in the Chinese car manufacturer Qoros’ newly established factory in Changshu.

      Advantage for our customers: reliable software, strong partner

      • We have been using PLUS since more than 15 years for production control of Mercedes Benz passenger cars and Smart.
      • SAP customers benefit from universal processes for the entire value creation chain, from vehicle development, to procurement, production and logistics, up to after-sales service as the control software integrates itself into the SAP portfolio without a problem.
      • As a subsidiary of abat Group, abat+ is a strong partner: abat was recognized by automotiveIT and Automobilwoche as one of the top 20 IT service providers in the automotive industry, and it is currently the only service provider in Germany with SAP Recognized Expertise in the areas of automotive and logistics.


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