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Design Thinking

Creativity instead of monotony

Have you or your employees ever been dissatisfied with a newly implemented IT solution? Are you unsure of the best way to find solutions to your IT challenges? Or would you like to be more innovative but don't know how?

Be creative and focus on the user

In addition to intelligent technologies such as Machine Learning and Internet of Things, the SAP Intelligent Technologies portfolio also includes a new method for finding solutions: Design Thinking.

A design thinking workshop always takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and a creative environment.

We are happy to provide you with appropriately designed rooms in our house. There the participants can let their thoughts run free. Design thinking involves working in multi-disciplinary teams. This means that not only decision-makers take part in the workshops, but also representatives from the specialist departments are involved from the start. In an iterative process, we first familiarize ourselves with your problem and then go into a brainstorming session with you. Criticizing the ideas of other workshop participants is absolutely taboo during this session. Then we discuss your ideas, sort them into clusters and decide on the favorites.

In a short time, we develop a first prototype to make the favored ideas more tangible. We start with so-called low fidelity mockups. Participants are provided with pens, paper and sticky notes so that they can initially roughly visualize the ideas. The mockups serve our UI developers as the basis for a first prototype, so that the workshop participants can see their ideas on a mobile device or the desktop and check their suitability a short time later. Often changes are made to the prototype. And that's absolutely fine, because that's the only way to find the best solution. 


abat helps you to be innovative

abat is glad to hold design thinking workshops with you in order to develop innovative solutions for your challenges together. We would be happy to invite you to our premises, but workshops on your premises are also possible.


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