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SAP discovers the Virtual Reality (VR)

Discover the integration capabilities of SAP with the Virtual Reality technology to deliver a whole new experience to the users.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality can bring you “virtually” anywhere.
Virtual reality is a technology provided by a device that lets the user safely experience a sensory immersion into interactable computer generated environments.

How does it work?

In VR, a Virtual reality headset cover our eyes and ears to provide an immersive experience with a high definition 3D image and enveloping sound, bringing us to an artificial environment, often indistinguishable from reality, or even a 360° photo or video.
In VR, we can look around, walk and interact with the virtual environment, using devices such as joysticks, gloves or other sensors to track our movements and reflect them into the environment.

What is it for?

Virtual reality allows for numerous possibilities & simulations, all from the comfort of your "real" home

Data visualization and integrations with SAP systems

Virtual tours, tourism and real state 

Architecture and city planning visualization

Natural disaster prevention & training

Retail markets; “trying” a product before buying

Education, events and conferences

Recruitment, training and KPI analysis for industrial, automotive, medical and aerospace industry

Vehicle simulations and trainings

Health therapeutic treatments as pain relief, PTSD and anxiety treatments

CAD design and engineering

Entertainment & recreation, like video games, movies and social media

Art & design

For a long time, the Virtual Reality has been a technology with an amazing potential to be a game changer for the user interaction with digital information and the overall user experience.
In abat we understand the importance of being on the edge of the newest technologies. Therefore, we have invested time and resources in the development of prototypes to highlight the capabilities of this technology to work in conjunction with SAP. 
With the usage of open protocols and the built-in tools provided by the system retrieving data from SAP has been converted in an ordinary task. Now the challenge resides in delivering the expectations of the user and provide him with the tools he needs. Our focus is always on the user needs and by adapting the technology we comply with the requirements given on every case. We don’t try to sell a VR product but the possibility of convert the user vision into reality. 


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